I love to help my clients gain clarity on their core values as they set their priorities. I love to see them succeed as they set their goals and use my Wishing Out Loud® coaching model to progress towards making those dreams reality.

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What Lisa’s clients say.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa while she was at PwC.  The first time we connected, her in-depth knowledge of many diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) topics, coupled with an incredible thirst to learn more, left me awestruck.Read moreI always enjoy our conversations as she often teaches me something, inspires me to learn more, and helps me to think differently. She was the first person I thought of when my new company was looking for experts and visionaries to help expand our knowledge in critical areas of DEI, go to market perspectives, etc. Lisa’s incredible curiosity and her role as a connector to ideas and people inform great insights- spend an hour with her, and you’ll walk away refreshed and inspired. I would highly recommend her as a coach, strategist, or in any capacity- she is a delight to know, and I feel fortunate to be in her orbit. Close

Natasha Beach,
Regional Vice President, Sales at meQuilibrium

Lisa Ong delivered an impactful keynote address at the 2017 Ascend National Convention & Career Fair. The Ascend Talk of 800+ attendees encompasses early career professionals, mid-level professionals, and C-Suite Executives.Read more It was one of the top-rated sessions with comments that Lisa was inspiring, genuine, relatable, and memorable.  I highly recommend her for speaking engagements on a national level or to a broad professional/executive audience.Close

Katherine Lee,
National Director, Business Development, Ascend

I’m a believer in Lisa’s Wishing Out Loud® methodology. There is something energetically empowering about stating what you desire out loud, not just keeping it embedded inside of you.Read more I recently wished out loud about a career opportunity that I wanted on a call with Lisa, and only a few days later, the opportunity materialized, and previous obstacles disappeared. Lisa’s methodology and coaching are powerful! Close

Renu Sachdeva,
Co-founder of The Group Prism and Inclusive Leadership Coach