Creating opportunities to shine.

Strengths-Based Career Coaching

I share my coaching approach with my clients to discover their strengths, dream big, and keep strategically wishing out loud to create opportunities to shine and be their best.

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Areas of Focus for Coaching

  • Gain clarity on strengths and goals
  • Bridge cross-cultural communication and diversity dimension differences
  • Career change support
  • Define and position your personal brand for next-level opportunities
  • Self-assess inventory of knowledge and skills for career advancement
  • Become a Transformational Leader from Transactional Leader
  • Elevate your personal brand as a strategic leader with greater visibility
  • Integrate work/life
  • Communicate with impact
  • Lead virtual teams
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and assumptions
  • Build trusting relationships
  • Showcase achievements through strategic stories
  • Manage time challenges
  • Build and sustain strong networks
  • Engage in crucial or difficult conversations
  • Explore potential unconscious biases, assumptions, and stereotypes

What Lisa’s clients say.

I’m a believer in Lisa’s Wishing Out Loud® methodology. There is something energetically empowering about stating what you desire out loud, not just keeping it embedded inside of you.Read more I recently wished out loud about a career opportunity that I wanted on a call with Lisa, and only a few days later, the opportunity materialized, and previous obstacles disappeared. Lisa’s methodology and coaching are powerful! Close

Renu Sachdeva,
Co-founder of The Group Prism and Inclusive Leadership Coach

Lisa is very passionate about the importance of diversity and is genuinely committed to helping people with career advancement.Read more She is very effective while being very direct and upfront. Lisa is committed to making real, positive change in organizations. For her individual coaching and consulting clients, Lisa will not just tell you what you want to hear but will ask you powerful questions to help you uncover what you need to succeed and progress. I have seen Lisa make a significant positive impact on some of my PwC friends’ careers, too, and she is also an excellent resource for me, even today. Close

Armando Lorenzo, CPA, CGMA, MBA,
Head of International Finance and Accounting at Cinemark

Some people naturally go above and beyond when it comes to client services, and Lisa is the definition of this in executive coaching.Read more In my first experiences with her as a coach,  I knew immediately, I had her full attention and commitment. As we discussed my concerns, she demonstrated a willingness to not only share strategies but to make actual connections. I felt oddly comfortable, and our session flowed similar to old friends reconnecting. Initially, I wasn’t sure how helpful one coaching session could or would be towards helping me achieve my goals, but I’m already reaping the rewards of this one encounter with Lisa. To this end, I highly recommend Lisa as a genuine, client-focused, caring coach, that knows how to bring out and highlight the very best in you! Close

VR Small,
Founder/Chief Executive Officer at Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center (VWEC)